Artists I Love

Here is a small collection of the artist friends who most inspire me. It is a tiny sampling of some of the exceptional talent and creativity that surrounds me. I am honored to know these humans and call them friends. Please take a look at their work. It is meticulous and brilliant.


Alicia Tormey Art

Alicia Tormey

Encaustic painting

Alicia Tormey is best known for her organic imagery and inventive techniques that involve a blend of bees wax, resin, shellac and raw pigments. Wielding a blow torch, Tormey cultivates these materials into ethereal images of distant landscapes, waterways and explosive flora. 

Dear Friend

Dear Friend

We are the dearest of friends who love to make handmade goods.

We believe that by using the best materials and handcrafting each piece, we provide the best gifts for you to give your nearest and dearest.

J. Leavitt Supply Company

J. Leavitt Supply Company

Meticulously designed waxed canvas and leather goods - Defined by intuitive details - Crafted to last a lifetime.

Located in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle, J. Leavitt Supply Company was founded by the premier custom upholsterer, Jackson Leavitt. As a lifelong fly fisher with a passion for experiencing the National Parks and public lands through the eye of his camera lens, Jackson decided to bring these passions into the workroom and create useful dry goods. Utilizing his 20 years of designing, building and upholstering high-end furniture, it was a seamless transition.

La Objeteria

You may be asking yourself – what is an .objeteria? That’s a good a place as any to start. 

la .objeteria jewelry is a place where you can find little personal objects that help you express yourself, celebrate the milestones and special moments in your life and most of all make you happy. All these pieces are feminine and playful, and when you get something from la .objeteria jewelry I hope you cherish it forever and becomes an heirloom. 

At my home studio I imagine, design and handcraft these little objects in small runs, limited editions and one of a kind formats. All of them made with love, metals like silver, brass or gold - as well as alternative materials that I think will make you shine.  

I wish that among all these objects, full of whimsical details you can find your own and make it part of your life.