Vishuddhi Talisman Earrings

Vishuddhi Talisman Earrings



Inspired by the 5th Chakra, Vishuddhi or the throat Chakra, these talisman earrings are associated with communication and finding ones true voice. The magical properties of the color blue evoke the elemental energies of water and sky bringing forth serenity and calm. Blue is thought to open the pathway for truth and so by wearing these talisman you are reminded to be mindful with your word.

Carefully hand crafted sterling silver ear wires, components and small bezels constitute these unusual earrings. Slowly painted into the bezel is a swirl of color created with oil paint, alcohol inks and resin. Each pair of earrings is one of a kind and made by hand over a series of 5 days in a small studio in Seattle WA by Samantha Slater.

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Hand made | One of Kind | Resin and Sterling Silver Talisman Earrings.

Hand crafted ear wire.

Pendant size: 14x14mm

Earring finished length: 2.5inches

Earring backs included in purchase