Meet the Artist

behind the Studio

Leaving behind a career in theater and dance, Sam wanted to find an art form that was more permanent than her previous theatrical endeavors. It was only after moving to the United States from South Africa that jewelry making found her. Without a visa, Sam was unable to work, and desperately needed a creative outlet to fill time. On a whim a friend showed her how to make jewelry and it was love at first sight. Sam slowly began to learn as much as she could about various jewelry making techniques and once she got her work visa she was able to find a job in the jewelry community.

Sam has worked in the jewelry industry and taught jewelry making classes all over Seattle for the last 11 years, but it has only been in the last two years that she fully realized she needed to create her own path. Sam has had many incarnations of her jewelry line, and has had her work featured in various stores and at various trunk shows throughout the years. Over the last year however she has really pinned down a vision and mission from which Samantha Slater Studio has grown. 
Combining all the qualities she values: hard work, dedication, consciousness, self-love, community and grit, Sam has developed the concept of this studio. Right now, SSS is in it’s first incarnation. But there is change and growth on the horizon. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your support, kind words, love

and for always believing in me –Sam